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The Watergeek partnership was founded by John Kerr who has been working in many different roles within the water industry for the last 12 years.

He has a background in engineering, project management, company development and Business ownership, most recently with the largest water management Company in the United Kingdom, and saw the need for a similar company in Ireland.

John is an expert in all aspects of water management but also works with highly experienced professionals all over Ireland.

The Watergeek partnership is highly effective at engaging the right professional or company to deal with the challenges in every particular project. This means the required resources can be assigned in the right area to sort out the problems quickly so that you waste no time or money resolving the challenges particular to your Business water management.

We have been providing services to a broad range of customers for over 20 years in various organisations with a combined total experience of over 50 years in the water industry – individually we are widely recognised for our success in delivering cost and consumption reduction in the most challenging environments.

Our goal is to provide a resolution to your challenge no matter how big or small; from an external leak you cannot locate, an unyielding supplier you cannot overcome, meeting environmental credentials or the writing and delivery of a full water strategy- we offer practical and technical solutions with full visibility of all the works we undertake.

We are a commercial organisation, however, we do not seek long term shared savings from our customers which is the traditional method of funding water management.

We prefer to share refunds at an agreed rate and also can agree a fee for water auditing or other services. We set out to educate our customers either by training them to “do it yourself”or providing visibility of the project management process at every step of the way so that learning is enhanced within your organisation.

Working with the watergeek partnership provides you with the confidence that your enterprise will pay minimal water charges both now and in the future.

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