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Case Studies

Below you will find a list of case studies that represents the varied scenarios where the water geek partnership can save your business money, secure refunds and improve the water usage efficiency.
Click on the customer type below which most represents you to find out more:

watergeek save a gym over £34,000 on water charges.

The property owners received a bill for 6 years retrospective consumption following a meter repair We believed that bill of of £137,000 could be challenged.

Small Accountancy Practice North Down - Sub Letting Offices

We were contacted by a small accounting firm owning and occupying the ground floor of a building. The 1st floor and 2nd floor were sublet to other companies.

International Banking Organisation with 67 Branches

The watergeek partnership were contracted by this company to fully audit their entire estate for both water billing and water efficiency.

48 Unit Shopping Centre - Northern Ireland

The watergeek partnership were engaged by a property management company to investigate the unusually high water bills for the property on behalf of the owners of the shopping centre.

Small Property Company

This customer had a small commercial property holding which they purchased in 2011 comprising of 9 industrial units served by one water revenue meter

Royal Belfast Academical Institution

The watergeek partnership were contacted by RBAI because the water company indicated that their consumption was over 9000m3 per year, their meter had not been working for 6 years and they were about to be retrospectively billed by the water company for over £145,000.

8 Unit Shopping Centre - Armagh

The watergeek partnership were engaged by property management company Colliers International to lead the resolution of a dispute between the water company and the owners of the shopping centre.

Carnalea Golf Club

The watergeek partnership were engaged by Carnalea Golf Club to investigate the water bills for the property on behalf of the Trustees of the Club.

70 unit shopping centre, Belfast

The water geek partnership were contacted by the property management company which had recently taken over the responsibility for a 70 unit shopping centre in Belfast.

Manufacturing Facility with 150 Employees

This customer was recommended to use our services by an energy consultant.

They believed that their water bills were too high.