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48 Unit Shopping Centre - Northern Ireland

48 Unit Shopping Centre - Northern Ireland

The watergeek partnership were engaged by a property management company to investigate the unusually high water bills for the property on behalf of the owners of the shopping centre.

The shopping centre had 3 water meters and collective bills of over £90,000 per annum

The watergeek team benchmarked the site comparing it with 35 similar sites in the UK and Ireland and the consumption was what would be expected from a site of this kind

This indicated that there was no leakage or unexpected usage on the site but there was an issue with the current tariff because although the usage was within expected norms the cost of water was 30% too high for the region.

Our team carried out a full forensic audit of the billing data and discovered that there were a number of allowances which could be applied and which could also be claimed retrospectively going back 6 years according to statute of limitations.

The watergeek partnership gathered the data and evidence for the allowances and undertook the claim engaging with the water company on behalf of the customer.

The claim was managed by our team and after a number of weeks were able to present the customer with a refund of £140,000 and a reduction in their ongoing billing of £25,000 per annum