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Carnalea Golf Club

Carnalea Golf Club

The watergeek partnership were engaged by Carnalea Golf Club to investigate the water bills for the property on behalf of the Trustees of the Club.

The trustees were engaged in a cost reduction programme to ensure the green fees to the club members were kept to a minimum and water was part of the remit.

The watergeek team benchmarked the site comparing it with 20 similar sites in the UK and Ireland and the consumption / cost was around double what would be expected from a site of this kind, however the costs and consumption were higher from May to September than during the rest of the year.

Our team carried out a full forensic audit of the billing data and discovered that there were a number of allowances which could be applied and which could also be claimed retrospectively going back 6 years according to statute of limitations, however evidence needed to be gathered to make the case and prove the theory which our analysis team suspected.

The watergeek partnership arranged for data from the water meter to be recorded during the summer and winter months and a log of the weather patterns kept

The data revealed that during the summer months at dry periods the water consumption increased greatly because the water was used for irrigation. This meant that the client was able to claim a greater return to sewer allowance for this water usage rather than just the standard 5%.

Our team handed the claim with NI Water and successfully claimed back allowances for 6 years in addition to other rateable allowances resulting in a refund of over £10,000 to the client and ongoing savings of £2500 per annum.