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70 unit shopping centre, Belfast

70 unit shopping centre, Belfast

The water geek partnership were contacted by the property management company which had recently taken over the responsibility for a 70 unit shopping centre in Belfast.

The shopping centre had only being billed for £1000 per annum for water in each of the last seven years.

The property management company realised that this could not be correct but weren’t sure exactly what they should do next because there was the potential of a huge retrospective bill.

The watergeek team analysed the bills and completed a full benchmarking analysis which revealed that the comparative consumption for over 70 sites in the UK what around a value of 50,000 pounds per year for a site with similar Numbers of units.

The team also completed a full water survey and audit of the entire property which revealed that there were 2 meters on-site rather than the single meter for which the water company had been charging the shopping centre.

Our team also identified that from the billing data there were a number of allowances which were available for the shopping centre to reduce the real value of the bill.

The watergeek team completed a report for the client and a decision was made to discuss with the water company what they had discovered and see if a compromise could be agreed.

Watergeek contacted the water company on the client’s behalf, and it was agreed that water company engineers should survey the site to confirm the report findings and establish the correct site consumption which was 28,000m3 per year.

The compromise agreed was that the shopping centre would only be billed retrospectively for water and standing charges for 6 months because this was when the new management company took ownership of the account.

The watergeek team also applied for consumption allowances which reduced the billing for consumption and sewerage to any amount over 14,000m3 effectively reducing the water bill by 50% to around £37,000 per annum