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Manufacturing Facility with 150 Employees

Manufacturing Facility with 150 Employees

This customer was recommended to use our services by an energy consultant.

They believed that their water bills were too high.

The Watergeek partnership audited their water bills and found that their billing was accurate however there where allowances which can be claimed to reduce the cost.

Our team also carried out a full site audit because the benchmark analysis which compared the daily 8.5m3 of water used by this company with over 100 other businesses having a similar number of employees and shift patterns showed that this business was almost 200% above this benchmark.

This is indicated to the team that there was either a leak or some unusual consumption on-site.

On the site visit we found that the company used a steam autoclave to cure some carbon fibre parts during the manufacturing process, however they had no data for the water consumed by this process.

We metered this machine for 1 week and it showed consumption of 4.0m3 per day which brought the normal consumption within benchmark

As a consequence, because the water evaporated during the manufacturing process as steam we were able to claim a 100% return to sewer allowance against this portion of the water bill.

The combined result of the total allowances meant that the customer was able to claim of £900 per annum, retrospective for 6 years and avail of £900 per annum savings going forward.