Full Site Water Audit

If you are concerned about water consumption and costs a full site water audit is the natural place to start.

Two in three sites will reveal a savings opportunity through auditing with savings varying from 10-45% of annual expenditure.

Further onsite works can reveal even greater savings and retrospective rebate opportunities (going back six years in line with the Statute of Limitations)

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A site water audit provides you with a full understanding of where and how water is used and discharged from your property

The watergeek partnership will complete a full survey which includes a comprehensive log of all water point and facilities in your business –

This information is summarised, a full written report submitted and action points for you to implement which will reduce your water consumption

We provide you with the knowledge and capability to minimise both your costs and consumption – survey the potential benefits of sub metering and AMR and identify any opportunity for water recycling


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