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Automatic Meter Reading or A M R

– Data loggers are deployed to monitor water consumption and provide remote water meter reading at strategic points on site.

the information is fed back into a water management database system so that leaks and other unusual water consumption can be immediately identified.

Benefits of AMR include – return on investment typically less than 12 months, eliminates estimated billing – reducing water charges – rapid identification of water leaks – monitoring as part of a water strategy reduces water consumption   Contact us for more information

Installation of water saving devices

– There are a huge range of water saving devices available – we can advise on the implementation of these and/or arrange installation

Trade Effluent Surveys

– We have experts who can audit your water quality and flow rates to ensure you aren’t overcharged.

Training services

– Some customers wish to become self sufficient when planning water strategy, auditing, and implementation – watergeek will provide part or full training programmes for accountants who wish to challenge water company charges and sustainability professionals managing water reduction programmes or corporate responsibility initiatives

Rainwater Harvesting or Greywater recycling System Design

– Our engineers can design a bespoke system for your business. We are independent of any manufacturer and our designs which have been used in over 100 businesses are guaranteed. We offer this service to M and E consulting engineers

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