You really couldn’t make this stuff up !!

We were recently engaged by a property management company to review the water bills for an 11 unit shopping centre in Co.Down.

This was precipitated by a letter to the owner from the water company to say that they had FOUND another water meter supplying the property and following on wished to bill the owner for an additional £40,000 for water supplied for the previous 6 years.

Our team surveyed the site and found that the water company were correct, however following a forensic audit of the billing information there were allowances which could be claimed to offset around £32,000 leaving an expected bill of £8,000 – reasonable result.

When we submitted the evidence from LPSNI to make the allowance claim, the water company refused to allow more than 2 years retrospective allowances on the grounds that, according to their records, the landlord didn’t own the property prior to 2012.

Really?? so why were they back billing him to 2008???

This one is going to travel round the houses for a while yet and we will upload the full case study when it’s entirely resolved

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